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This Is Your Most Secret Weakness According To Your Zodiac Sign

We are all aware of the fact that we all have some weakness or the other. This secret weaknesses if not worked on become a part of our personality. We all have atleast one such dominant weakness within us which shows in the way we lead our life. Below we have tried to bring to light the major ones, common among people of a sign. Can you relate to yours ?


Your weakness is anger. Anger is the thing that you should absolutely deal with. Dealing with it will help you have better relationships as well. And there is a good news for the Aries. Your anger is not impossible to control. The reason is that your anger is very short lived. You get angry soon and you also become normal very quickly as well. So it isn’t that hard to control your anger situation. Work on it and drop that sudden rage!
Your weakness is intolerance. This means that you think that your opinion is the only opinion that is right. This makes you underestimate the opinions of the people around you and this isn’t fair. In this process, you seem very intolerant and people don’t really like talking to you about things because you are always hell bent on proving yourselves right. Seriously? How can you be right all the time?
Your weakness is that you are very blunt. Now some people may appreciate your bluntness and think that you are honest. But there will always be people who will think that you are rude. Also, while being blunt you forget that you are always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. This isn’t good. There is a right time to say everything and sometimes you should care for the place that you are in.
You are very vengeful. You cannot stand the idea that someone did something wrong to you and immediately you seek revenge. Now being vengeful also makes you very negative and moreover, it just wastes a lot of your time because most of the times you are busy making ways of revenge against other people. Not cool.
Your weakness is that you are arrogant. Arrogance results in you not being verylikable. This means that not many people like you and surely not many people want to come and talk to you because arrogance causes a lot of communication breakdown. You know you should really stop looking down on other people. Start behaving in a grounded way. It will be good for you.
You Scheme. Oh, you do make these plans and in your world, they work. The thing is that the world doesn’t work according to your plans and when you realize that it is hard for you to understand this. So stop making elaborate plans. Start acting, that helps.
Let us just say that you are dishonest. You lie and you cheat people sometimes. Now the thing is that you are so good at this that sometimes even you don’t know that you are being dishonest. Not fair, not at all fair. Try and be more honest and people will surely begin to trust you far more than they do now.
You are petty. This means that you are one of those who cross limits and even forgetsthat there are limits. You put down people and make them feel bad and you bring out petty and small things to pull people down. This can even affect your relationships.
Your weakness is that you think only you matter. You are so obsessed with your own existence perhaps. You think you are the beginning and the end of this world and the world must revolve around you. Please don’t be a mistake. The world is pretty busy doing their own thing and probably doesn’t even care about your narcissism. So drop it!
You are scared of the future. You are one of the most rational people. You make plans and you think ahead of yourself and you make sure that you know how things will unfold. Now the thing is that the more you will think about the future, the more scared you will be because you will realize that the future is improbable and abstruse and you can never know anything for certain. So don’t think too much and stay in the present.
You are very, very judgmental. You know it won’t hurt you if for once you saw the good in other people. Search for it if you have to. But don’t go around judging people because sometimes your judgment can affect people so much that they might lose their self-confidence. That’s not fair. That sort of makes you a bully.
You live in delusions. You day dream so much that you reach a point where you don’t even know what reality is. Now the problem with day dreaming is that you are not spending any time in trying to fulfill the dreams that you are thinking about. You have to work hard in the real world in order to achieve the things that you are dreaming about. But you totally forget to do so because dreams feel far safer to you than the real world. Well, get out of your dream world!
Tell us if you were able to relate to your zodiac signs. We would love to hear from you!
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