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Which Archangel Is Guiding And Assisting You

We all have helpers, physical and non-physical that assist us along our journey. Some of these helpers are friends, family, counselors, co-workers, spirit guides, crossed over loved one and angels.
Select one pair of Angel Wings to see which Archangel is working with you at this time. 1. Archangel Raphael is the healer and assists those who work with the healing of others and those who are in need of healing. He also protects those who travel frequently. The colors associated with Raphael are mauve and yellow. Use and or wear anise and lavender to connect with him  2. Archangel Michael is the protector Archangel. He fights darkness and protects humans who work in the area of service. He also helps you during times of transition and growth. His colors are red and gold. Use and or wear frankincense and myrrh to connect with him.   3. Archangel Gabriel is known as the soul’s keeper or protector. He works with children, childbirth, communication and creative writing endeavors, and those who co…

The Animal You See First In This Picture, Reveals The Essence Of Your Soul!

Despite living in big, busy cities, humans are instinctively drawn to nature and animals, and each of us is drawn by some animals more than by others. Look at the pictures below. Which animal do you see first? Your subconscious does this for you, and it picks the animal your like most! And the animal you like most reveals pieces of your soul that speak volumes about you:

1. The dove is associated with peace, hope and connection. You possess a pure soul and see the good in everything and everyone. You inspire hope in others, and you don’t care much about material things. You also have a connection with the spiritual world.2. Butterflies symbolize beauty and pleasure. You realize life is short, and you make the most of it. You hate planning and being bored, and you’re certain that the world is a big meadow with flowers created just for you. You have a soul so beautiful, people are bewildered!
3. The eagle is a free spirit and an adventure seeker. You fly high above the rest, and you know …

What did you see first? This will tell you a lot about you!

This test is an optical illusion, all you need to do is to look at the picture and memorize what you’ve seen first. This image can tell you a lot about your current life situation.

Variant 1: you saw a village (huts, trees, and birds):
This image is closely associated with freedom: birds, and the village itself. You are a free and independent person.

Disadvantages of your freedom: You are a boat, and shore is a life. You are not tied to the shore, and you can easily get lost. You do not know the boundaries between allowed and forbidden. Such attitude can lead to conflicts and even divorces. After all, most people do not understand the wisdom of a free person. Such free spirits often become lonely in life. But the world needs them! Advantages of your freedom: You are a unique person — an amazing and talented one. You are an interesting for other people and they want to spend time with you. You can feel people and also you are a great listener. You are an extraordinary person, and you can cho…

3 Things You Can’t Hide From An Empath

Empaths come into the world already experts of nuance and what isn’t revealed. A true empath can discern which way is up with others, but it doesn’t mean it is fun for an empath. It’s often quite the opposite.
It isn’t easy for them to call out a friend, relative, or colleague on being dishonest on a ‘hunch’. Because for them, it is never just a hunch. They don’t just hear truth or dishonesty, they feel it. They are connected to the unseen field of consciousness via their extra ordinary open senses, the first one being their intuitive sense, a.k.a. the sixth sense, but it is really our first, original sense. Because of this, they will almost always surround themselves with a close-knit circle of like-integrity and like-vibe people who share in an uplifting, supportive, peaceful give and receive way of being, without the heaviness of the toxic energy of expectation and demand. This allows them to remain connected to the field and in the higher levels of vibration it requires to maintain …