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The Wisest Zodiac Sign of All: This Sign Can Never Be Deceived!

Our zodiac signs can tell us a lot about who we are. We tend to share massive traits with our fellow zodiac sign brothers and sisters. 
Every zodiac has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some zodiac signs are known for knowing it all, attention seekers, and drama queens. Others are known for being strong, resilient, and in this case, wise! This zodiac sign is the wisest of them all and you should never try to deceive them. Who are they? Aquarius! Aquarius is known for working for the good of humanity. They are always looking for ways to improve the daily life of others. They are extremely selfless and wise especially. The eleventh Zodiac sign is smart, humanistic, and wise. The water sign is symbolized by a human figure, like Gemini. It is a metaphor for how Aquarians serve humanity through knowledge. Aquarius rules the eleventh house of zodiac, opposite to the fifth ruled by Leo. Leo claims ‘I am the king’, and is very confident and charismatic, while Aquarians say, “I am here for the…

Are You in the 1% of the Population that is Genetically of Higher Frequency?

Do you notice or even feel frustrated because the supplements, medicines, diets, and modalities that seem to work for other people don’t work for you? Do you do what most would consider “all the right things” for your health and spirit and still feel that you are not functioning optimally? Do your energies, moods, and immune system feel like they need a boost even when you take extra time for “self-care?” If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, there is a very good chance that you are part of the 1% of the population that is genetically of higher frequency. People of higher frequency tend to be described as “hypersensitive,” empathic, intuitive, creative, sometimes perfectionistic, and (wonderfully!) complex. Despite finding that other people are drawn to them, higher frequency individuals often feel alone in this world because they comprise so little of the population.  However, they continue to move forward with their lives in a unique, heart-centered way. They live almost st…

5 Signs That Show You Are A Powerful Lightworker

Lightworkers are people who volunteer to assist the planet heal from any form of fear since they perceive themselves as able to deliver an elusive energy for healing. They feel they have been awakened mystically to heal the world. Have your colleagues ever described your heart as pure? Do you feel you are warm and loving? Do you always have a feeling that you can resolve the environmental and social problems facing this world? Are you compelled to teach and counsel people about your experience? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you must have been a lightworker without knowing. The following are other signs you might have. 
1. Desire to help people Lightworkers feel they are called to heal the world. This doesn’t mean the “light healing” we know of but the actual healing of physical problems in the planet like war, poverty and hunger. 2. Respect to all life Normal life habits like eating meat might be disgusting since it is actually animal abuse in the eyes of a lightworker who…

These Are The Three Sexiest Signs Of The Zodiac

Well you should, especially if you are lucky enough to be sexy according to the stars. Then you absolutely know you’ve got it. Each Zodiac sign is good at something. Which one is the best? Well, you can’t put your finger on it. Each of them rocks in a certain area. As far as sex is concerned, here are the three Zodiac Signs which are the sexiest of them all:
1. SCORPIOScorpio is definitely the sexiest sign of the Zodiac. If you ever hook up with a Scorpio, be prepared for some serious fire burning. They simply attract people because they radiate with sexual energy. Even if they are not that good looking, something will draw you to them. They have this weird power that captures you, you can’t break free, and secretly—you don’t want to, either. But what may help them with seducing is that they have a mind-reading skill. When you are around them, you don’t have to say a thing and they will know exactly what you think and desire, so they will give it to you. Watch out, you can’t have any secret…

6 Types of Psychic Empaths: Are You One of Them?

Have you ever thought about how empaths receive their information? Many rely on their psychic empath gifts and abilities whether they realize it or not.
Many empaths can feel the emotions of others to some degree. However, the psychic empath has an intuitive understanding of others and the natural world that goes much further. Usually, people are born with this ability, however, it can grow and develop with experience. Many people don’t realize they are psychic empaths until later in life. This ability is not the same as the normal human ability to feel empathy for other people. With empathy, people relate to another’s emotions, but they do not feel them as a psychic empath does. In addition, the extent of the information that the psychic empath can receive from others extends to beyond just basic feelings such as happiness or sadness. It can include a much broader spectrum of information that they sense from others and from the natural world. Psychic empaths feel the world around them in s…

11 Signs You Are Part Of The First Wave That Will Raise The Earth’s Vibrations

If you have listened deeply to your heart and felt that you have a role in changing the world, chances are you may have felt the “call” or “shift” that started about six to eight years ago. 
The specific triggers for the shift in your thinking, perspectives, approach, mood, activities, or priorities might be a loss or death of someone you loved, a divorce or failed relationship, an illness or physical symptoms, or a strong sense of dissatisfaction in the midst of your accomplishments. Having experienced as such, you feel lost, confused, and disconnected from your true purpose and path, being in agony physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The experience might look unfavorable, but this period of disconnection has to happen to prepare you for a special journey wherein your role is important as one of the various leaders for the new era that is coming. The disconnection was meant to help you awaken as a part of this epoch’s First Wave, the first group of people who will influenc…