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7 Surprising Things You’ve Never Heard About Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

Parapsychologists have been studying Near-Death-Experiences (NDEs) for many years, however, most of us aren’t familiar with what they’ve been finding.
We are familiar with the idea that many see a tunnel or a light in the distance, see or meet passed on loved ones, and then return with perhaps a new outlook on life, but what else do you know? Here are some of the more interesting phenomena scientists have reported: 1.) People can have NDEs when they are brain dead.A famous case occurred during an operation referred to as a “standstill,” where one’s body temperature is reduced to 60 degrees (F), the heartbeat and breathing stop, and blood drains from the brain – in other words, a person is put to death to perform surgery. In Pam Reynold’s case, she left her body, observed the operation and also entered the tunnel and met with deceased loved ones, before returning to her body. 2.) People born blind experience sight during an NDE.In the book “Mindsight,” researchers documented 31 cases of the…

Choose An Image To See Which Stage Of Life You Are Experiencing

We all undergo fundamental changes as we progress through life; it’s inevitable. But surprisingly, it has nothing to do with age! According to Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, these stages have to do with who we are as individuals and our purpose in life. Choose an image below and we’ll reveal which stage of life you are currently experiencing:
Now find yours, and read it’s description below: 1. The Athlete The athlete phase is the least mature phase among all the phases in life. It is characterized by being obsessed with our appearance and physique. The athlete phase can be narcissistic, critical, or even both. One typical example of this is teenagers, but also people who were raised by narcissistic parents. 2. The Warrior
As we move on to the Athlete phase, we get to the warrior phase. Here is where we begin assuming responsibilities and having the desire to be successful in life. Our goals and objectives seem to get a little clearer and we slowly bloom as individuals. 3. Declaration

Personality Test That Reveals Secret Corners Of Your Soul

Did you make a choice? Great! Now let’s switch off from the diversity of trees for a while.You decided to wander a little bit more around the nursery garden and choose the second tree for your wonderful garden. You may choose the one out of the remained 8. You look attentively at the trees thinking over where would you plant them and finally — here it is! You choose the second tree for your garden. Now we can find out characteristics of your personality and also reveal the secret side of your soul. First of all, read the description of the first tree you chose. This description characterizes your self-treatment. The second description reveals secret corners of your soul which you probably don’t know , but other people can clearly see. 1. Cheerful. Free. Carefree.You live for the moment and enjoy every minute of your life. You hate to be narrowed or chained by circumstances. You adore surprises. 2. Independent. Individual. Direct.
You never look at others and always follow your own path. Yo…

Scientists Have Discovered That Humans Can Detect Future Events BEFORE They Actually Happen

Can we detect future events before they actually happen?
Precognition is the ability to predict an event before it happens, be it in the near or distant future. It’s been widely observed in the metaphysical community, but science has been slow to study the phenomenon. Now scientists are beginning to unravel how the brain is such a surprisingly accurate fortune-teller. “There seems to be a deep concern that the whole field will be tarnished by studying a phenomenon that is tainted by its association with superstition, spiritualism and magic,” says Cassandra Vieten, PhD. “Protecting against this possibility sometimes seems more important than encouraging scientific exploration or protecting academic freedom. But this may be changing.” A study recently published in the journalFrontiers in Human Neuroscience examined a number of experiments related to this phenomenon conducted by multiple research groups. The experiments found that the body can actually detect randomly delivered stimuli about 1…

New Moon In Virgo 20 September: Healing Wounds And Changing The Tide

The September 19th-20th New Moon falls in the earthy sign of Virgo and will be guiding us on a healing journey.
If you have had a physical complaint or an emotional wound surface in the last few months, the Virgo New Moon is going to inspire you to take action in order to bring your body back into balance. Virgo energy is all about healing and caring for the mind, body and soul. The mind is the gateway between the body and the soul, which is why tuning into the mind and wading through both conscious and unconscious thoughts is so important on any healing journey. Under the influence of the September New Moon, we are all being called to really pay attention to the condition of our mind so we can heal and step into our power. We all have a power state that we can shift into when we have learnt to take care of ourselves and address any nagging or toxic thoughts, and this New Moon is going to be our guide. The Virgo New Moon is going to bring healing energy to all corners of our lives so we can…

It Is Possible to Heal the Body with the Mind, and There Is Scientific Proof to This

The mind is the control center of the human being, even more so than you know.The mind can make decisions, learn new things and feel emotions — it can also heal the body. You heard it right, the mind can completely and utterly destroy all signs of disease from the body.
One of the worst things to hear from your doctor is that you have a serious illness. The plans will be altered and your life will now revolve around treatments and medications, right? In most cases, this scenario proves to be true. In those few cases, this couldn’t be further from fact, especially if you know how to think correctly. In case you didn’t know, and chances are, you didn’t, you can heal yourself with thought alone. The myths of this aren’t myths at all. There is proof to this idea.
Miracles and ScienceMiracles may be one way to look at healing with the mind, and science could be the other way. With miracles, we place our lives in the hands of a great deity, praying that our ailments will go away. Science, on t…