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3 Truths About Life After Death

During all of this time one-on-one connecting with Loved Ones, I’ve learned a few things about life after death and I feel is essential to share with you. While here, I refer to these things as truths, in actuality, this is simply my reality, and what I’ve experienced and noticed when connecting you with Spirit!
1. Death is not the end – our spirits are eternalOur bodies are temporary homes for our spirits, and when we cross over, we make a transition out of our physical body, but our soul continues on.
The earth is a classroom for our soul, for which we are given a body to use in order to grow, develop and learn lessons necessary for our soul’s evolution. However, once our lessons on earth have been learned, we transition back to pure spirit a transition called death. After dying, we eventually can return to earth, in other physical body,to learn more lessons for our soul and continue our spiritual path of evolution. Thus, the only change that has occurred in death, is that we are no long…

Here is the Native American Version of Your Zodiac Sign and It`s Not What You Think

1. The Otter (January 20th through February 18th)Independent and rarely understood by others.  The Otter typically does things differently, meaning that it does things in an unconventional way. With its unconventional and unusual viewpoint, the Otter often is the first one to stop imaginative things.  Most Otters are brave, truthful, supportive, and understating. 2. The Wolf (February 19th through March 20th)The Wolf has the unique gift to understand people and help them in need. It is one of the most independent of the Native American signs, which kind of contradicts with his/ her ability to love. In terms of nurture, the Wolf is full of love, passion, and willing to give. In some cases,  he/ she can be impractical and obsessive. 3. The Falcon (March 21st through April 19th)The Falcon has a sharp mind when it comes to making decisions under tense circumstances. This member of the Native American zodiac tends to voice their opinions and viewpoints forcefully, and no other sign is fierie…

7 Proven Ancient Methods To Remove ALL Negative Energy From Your Home

While energy is invisible to the naked eye, it certainly can be felt. Just think of the times when you have entered a house or building and felt uncomfortable.  Have you ever met someone and felt their negative vibes right away? If you have recently moved to a new house and noticed you lose or break things and suffer more accidents than earlier, the chances are your new home is filled with negative energy.

Yes, that`s right! Sometimes our homes or workplaces can possess negative energy. These negative vibes can range from simple bad vibes to nasty entities.  In our modern society, the idea of things like bad energies is not accepted well, but, they are very real. They might hold you back from happiness with life. In fact, bad energies are even capable of making you physically sick! The good news is that you can clear the negative energy from your home or workplace. If you are interested in removing all negativity for good, here are some ideas: 1. Get Plants Plants are well known for their…

Top 4 Sexiest and Most Passionate Zodiac Signs

If you are looking for someone to spice up your love life or you simply want to know which signs of the zodiac are the sexiest and most passionate keep reading. Love making is an important part of any adult relationship. It is arguably the strongest, most intimate connection two people can make together. Although, others would disagree and say that passion comes from the mind and it is the mind that is the most powerful influence in our love lives.
Whatever your thoughts let’s take a look at the top 4 sexiest and most passionate signs of the Zodiac. You might be bowled over when you discover which the most attractive and passionate Zodiac signs are. 4. Scorpio
scorpio – josephinewall Scorpio has to be the sexiest and most passionate sign of the zodiac by far. This most secretive of signs only reveals their innermost desires to their nearest and dearest. But when you have ignited the flames of passion in a Scorpio make sure that you can stand the heat because things will most definitely ho…

This is How You Can Know Which Type Of Energy Healing Is For You

All around the world you find various kinds of energy healing practitioners practicing a smorgasbord of disciplines. So what are the different kinds of energy healing & which one is right for you?
Unlike modern medicine, energy healing aims to release the symptoms by curing the cause of the ailment – whether that cause is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. What’s more, energy healing work can be applied to any area of your life, from health to finances to relationships to emotions; you name it and the issue or challenge can be cleared permanently from your life. The choice of modality is really about you and what you are comfortable with. Good practitioners will be able to help you regardless of the modality they practice – they’re just more likely to be an expert navigator in their chosen field of application. At the end of the day though, almost all roads lead to Rome,and you should be able to use most of the available modalities out there to achieve inner peace and joy in pr…