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Why Empaths Constantly Fall For The ‘Wounded Narcissist’: The Reason Will Surprise You

There is a huge difference between narcissist and empaths, so relationship between the two can be quite troublesome.  Being with an empath feels like heaven for a narcissist, but for an empath, this can be a bad experience leading to emotional anguish. But if it feels like a hellish experience for them, why are empaths so attracted to narcissists? This is not surprising at all, given that empaths are compassionate, honest, and able to put themselves in other`s shoes.  They often go to huge lengths to help others, even if this means sacrificing themselves. As mentioned above, they are extremely compassionate as well, believing that every human being is good. On the other hands, narcissists are selfish, so empaths have a difficult time accepting them.  What empaths typically do is convincing themselves that their selfish behavior stems from pain and, usually a trauma in the past.  Narcissists are takers who take everything from a person without feeling guilty at all. These people take adva…

We RANKED The Most Conscious and Self-Aware Signs of the Zodiac

Essentially, it’s just really, really, really knowing who you are in every single situation, which is obviously a good thing. This would mean you’re not the type of girl who slowly starts becoming a mirror image of her boyfriend or who buys a black leather jacket because everyone she works with has a black leather jacket. Though black leather jackets are a wardrobe staple, so I totally do suggest you snag yourself one. While being self-aware means you have an unwavering sense of self, self-awareness doesn’t mean being stubborn or arrogant. These negative traits can actually hinder your self-awareness because you’re unable to see your self completely. Someone who is self-aware is able to accept both their strengths and their weaknesses. There’s also a certain level of self-awareness that is apparent in social situations. This is a social consciousness, which is a fancy word for not acting like a complete idiot in public. Y’know, just being aware. When one is truly self-aware they will be so…

Full Hunter Moon In Aries October 5: Powerful Shift Brings Passion, Intensity & Power

While the past month has been essentially about resting, contemplating and rejuvenating ourselves for many of us, it has also been about letting go of the old to embrace the new that emerges from within.
The cosmos has maneuvered us in the direction of positivity, encouraging us to take gentler approaches besides being patient in our attempts to strive and get the things we desire. Mother Earth has prevailed with the change of seasons to remind us to prepare ourselves for a dramatic shift in our lives while giving ourselves the much-needed time to get accustomed to the changes coming our way and take necessary precautions to salvage ourselves against the onslaught. This energy has been within us since the Pisces full moon event that took place in early September. While the energies were ennobling and gentler under the influence of Pisces, the tides have begun to turn!
The next full moon is all set to occur on October 5th under the influence of Aries.This fire sign shall be the harbinger of…

If You’re Having These Dreams, This Is What They Mean

We’ve all had dreams. It’s just how it works. Sure, some of them may be easier to remember than others, but we dream a lot and often times we dream about…the weirdest things? I once had a dream that all my teeth fell out while I was on a gondola ride in Venice. I’m tellin’ ya, dreams are weird. But have you ever woken up and wondered what exactly your dream was trying to tell you? There are so many interpretations as to what they can mean, but now it’s time to learn once and for all. Rebecca Turner, founder of World of Lucid Dreaming, gave explanations to many of the most common dream themes we all have experienced!
Animals If you dream about being chased by animals, it could suggest you are holding back repressed emotions like fear or anger. Babies Dreaming about babies could signify your own vulnerability or desire to feel loved. It could also signify a new start. Dreaming about babies could also just literally mean you want to have a baby. Being Chased Being chased could signify you are fee…

Proved By Scientist’s : Your Birth Month Defines Your Health And Character!

Yup, its quite true. We people used to think that birth month may be just an astronomical thing. But recent research by scientists proved that it is quite true. Our health and character are very much well related with our birth month. The birth month influences the level of dopamine and serotonin which are responsible for the good mood and bad mood swings and hormones. Now without wasting time let us see the effect of each month sequence wise.


Peoples whose birth month are January are likely to have depressions and might be in suppressed mood. Those who have their birthday in January often experience gastric ulcers, constipation, loin pains (men), heart attacks, migraine, and menopause problems (women). At the same time, men who were born in January suffer from thyroid gland problems 3 times less frequently compared to those who were born in September.


Peoples who have their birthdays in February are likely to have thyroid gland problems, osteoarthritis, heart disea…