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16 Unique Characteristics Only Empathic People Have

Empaths are those, who understand and feel what another person is experiencing. They can place themselves in another’s position. Empathic individuals notice all the little details about another person’s behavior, words, and body language. There are some things that you will see around empathic people as well. Empaths usually draw people towards them. It is like some magic; people start to open up to them even if they are not close to them. Empaths make you feel safe, comfortable and free to say what’s on your mind.
So here are the 16 things that characterize an empathic person. Find out if you are one of them: 1. THEY ARE OFTEN FOUND TO BE “TOO SENSITIVE.”They are not too sensitive nor too emotional, they are just in touch with their emotions and can understand what others are feeling as well. It might sometimes be overwhelming to them because when someone is carrying a lot of negative feelings, and the empath feels it, it can cause stress and tiredness. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock (www.…

How To Tell If You’ve Walked This Earth Before—5 Signs You’re Reincarnated

Although reincarnation is rarely discussed, it still exists as a viable option for our souls. It does exist as we are simply no sure of what happens after we die and close our eyes for the last time. People from all over the world have truly believed in the ability for our souls to pass on to another and then return for yet another chance.  This idea can be found anywhere, from Aboriginal myths to religious doctrines of Hinduism.  So basically denying this theory as an alternative to absolute death would be to deny the thoughts of millions of people from different cultures. You might wonder how we can be sure if it is real… Well, there are a couple of things that indicate that we have been around more than one. While the possibility to disapprove these things is present, there isn’t any evidence suggesting that they can be either disapproved or approved.
We Experience Déjà VuExperiencing déjà vu is something we all can point to as an unusual occurrence which cannot be explained. Most peo…

What Type Of Witch Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are many ways to define how good you are in each types of Magic. One is astrology. You Zodiac sign can say many things about you especially when it comes to what you like and how your personality is prone to certain types of magic. Types of Witches can be categorized according to their Zodiac Signs as the Sun’s position in the Natal Chart shows the energy of the newborn child.

The Zodiac Circle and Types of WitchesOn the other hand I would also advice you to search for the Zodiac Sign your natal Moon is placed in order to get a more personalised view on how Astrology can define the source of all your magic.

Aries: Blood Witch.Witches born under the sign of Aries are blessed with the ability to cast powerful Candle Magic spells and tame the currents of energy. They don’t need much to empower their magic, just their fiery passion! This comes from the fact the the first sign of the Zodiac is when Fire gets its power back. The Sun enters the Spring Equinox and nature is reborn. In thei…

13 Signs That Your Soulmate Is About To Enter Your Life Soon

It’s always a friendly belief to prepare your soul for assembly its soulmate; it’s tough enough to locate this one unique person for each of us, and it would be an incredible shame to miss out on bonding with your soulmate whether you did meet them simply because you weren’t ready to act. Rest assured that risking heartbreak is well-worth the opportunity for soulful savor, and we should full expect to find our soulmates when we “least expect to” (whether you follow). With that being said, they are some specific signs to lookout for whether you score the feeling your soulmate might be nearby. Please listen to your spirit and your energy, and consider the points below.

13 signs that your soulmate is probably close.
#1: Meaningful romantic dreams. Not just “sex dreams” in general. whether you dream approximately loving someone and genuinely score the feeling that you’ve never fully comprehended what savor is before dreaming approximately it, your soulmate is likely nearby (and you may bear …

What Your Hand Say About You

Palmistry has been around for thousands of years, and it is the art of telling the future through the study of the palm — but it can also teach you a lot about your character. I have always been very fascinated by this aspect of palm reading. I think it’s awesome that you can learn so much about yourself just from looking down at your palms and deciphering the lines. After doing a lot of research, I’ve put together a fun little guide that you can use to help read your own palms. This is a fun thing to do with your friends or a cool party trick, and just like most things, you get better with practice!

Earth hands- Earth hands are defined by a square palm — where the width is equal to the length — and having shorter fingers. Air hands- Palm is square or rectangular in shape, with long fingers, defined knuckles and low set thumbs. Water hands- Water hands tend to have a short and oval shaped palm with long and flexible fingers. The length of the palm from the wrist to the bottom o…