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If You Experience Any Of These 10 Signs You Are Walking The Highest Path Of Your Purpose

There is no ‘wrong’ path on its own! It’s the one walking the path that determines whether they chose it because they followed their heart or they were running away. However, whatever path each one trods along it is paved with life lessons and experiences that eventually will lead the person to their truth. And whatever path one chooses to take, it always ends in the direction the traveler was meant to arrive. But there is one Path called The Highest Path. That’s the path that was meant specially for you. What’s The Highest Path?This road may be bumpy, smooth, well-lit, or even dark, but the one where your current level of consciousness comes alive. This path makes your whole being feel alive! You are becoming passionately obsessed with what you do and you wouldn’t do anything else even if you had a chance to do whatever you like. The Highest Path is the unity of all the most important things that the other paths would have taught you. It’s like watching a high definition image while all t…

9 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

1.FLYING Dreams of flying often indicate the need to reach ambition. Where are you going? How are you getting there? Are you having trouble navigating through life? Flying dreams tend to leave us recharged when we wake. There is a feeling of freedom and being able to accomplish anything in our way. 2.WATERFALLS When we dream of water it usually conveys the emotional state of the mind. Water symbolizes cleansing and purity. To dream of waterfalls is a great omen. This represents new beginnings as the old is washed out. If you see waterfalls in your dreams, ask yourself these questions: Is the waterfall a small one or a large one? How are you perceiving your obstacles? Is the waterfall in a dark jungle or a beautiful beach? 3.TEETH Dreams with teeth are very common. Not all teeth dreams symbolize aging. Pulling of teeth symbolizes something that needs to come out, while rotten teeth symbolize the holding of fear and anxiety. Dreaming of falling teeth are the most typical of all teeth dreams. …