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Trees Help Us Heal! This is How You Can Use Their Energy

Taoist masters observe that trees are very powerful. Not only can they absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen, but they can also absorb negative forces and turn them into positive.
The trees are deeply rooted in the Earth, and their roots are deeper higher and they rise to the skies. The trees then absorb Earth’s energy and the Universal Force of the Sky. Trees and all other plants possess the ability to absorb the light from energiesand turn it into nourishment; In fact, much of their nutritional needs depend on light, while water and mineral salts account for only 30%. Trees can live long. Trees like healers and friends Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced Earth plants. They are constantly meditating and subtle energy is their natural language. When your ability to understand this language increases, you can start having relationships with them. They can help you open up your energy channels and cultivate calm, presence and vitality. In  return you can help the…

This is Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According to Your Zodiac Sign

Oh, dear! Not another heartbreak. You can’t possibly handle another one. But you can, you know. You can, and you will. You get going through heartache after heartache because you believe in love, you believe in the magic of love, in its transformative powers. From each heartbreak you learn about life and self; they are very good lessons, indeed. However, if you feel like you’re tired of learning and ready to master love, then understand the self. As the greats have said, Know thyself. No two words could be truer or more powerful. Heartbreaks hurt, they hurt bad; like literally, pulling on the heart in ways that don’t seem fair or logical. But what is logic when love’s involved? Should you be ready to know thyself and advance further in love, in a serious way, understand what’s really happening. This means looking at the self and reflect. It also means choosing the right partner and not just grasping for the next thing that comes along. Be patient, dear one. Love takes time and is a thi…