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THIS Is Why We Meet The Same Souls In Every Incarnation

According to karmic teachings, we always meet the same souls, only under different masks and different people.
The soul goes through this cycle of physical incarnation because it has some kind of debt or obligation, it is not entirely free. Through interaction with others we are given the opportunity to free ourselves from the shackles of ‘bad’ karma. The karma is nothing but the result of the acts we did from the lack of love and lack of connection to its source, according to karmic teachings. Basically, we come from one energy source that we call LOVE. Through our lives we get glimpses of this beautiful energy and call it many names. In fact, the romantic love we feel for each other is only a glimpse of this source. This LOVE source is our home, our real home where our soul comes from. And we come here, in this world, to project this LOVE through our interactions with others. But as we go through our lives we forget where we come from, we tune out of this LOVE source and we hurt each othe…

THIS Is Your Perfect Healing Method According To Your Zodiac Sign

Healing is deeper than physical. It happens on a spiritual level and most often the spiritual is where you really fix the root of a problem. There are many different ways of healing and each zodiac sign has a specific healing method assigned to itself. If you wonder what the zodiac signs have to do with healing methods you have to realize what the zodiac signs are. There are 12 behaviors of energy your soul can take and through these behaviors your spirit is developed. These archetypes of energy are the zodiac signs. For each behavior there is almost a perfect method to untangle the knots that create energy blockages. Healing is a form of allowing energy to flow back to where it used to. Knowing the archetype of your energy you can choose the best method to have an impact on you.
Aries (March 21 – April 20): Meditation Your fiery energy is sometimes really hard to control. Especially when you need to sort things out and slow down. You are known to be the one paving the way. Give yourself pe…

5 ESSENTIAL Lessons Every Empath Must Learn!

Being an Empath is like this: Imagine if you have an extremely enhanced sense of sound and what’s a normal and calm scenery for someone, for you is a really loud noise like a scream of 1000 people and you are trying to hear them all. Empaths have enhanced “hearts” they feel the world and connect deeper than anyone else. They can enter a room and immediately feel the energy inside that room. They can immediately know if someone cried, screamed, fought someone else, or if everybody had a great time. They sense if someone doesn’t like them. They listen deeper than what your words say. They have greater Emotional Intelligence. If you are an Empath stop asking the world to cut you some slack. You cut yourself some slack. As you have noticed by now, the world is not aware of many things. With feeling, your “heart” is draining your energy more than some other regular Joe. So, take care of yourself. You are your own responsibility. Now I want you to understand that being an Empath is not a disea…

Receive A Beautiful Butterfly Message From Spirit

Select that number and scroll down to read your message

Butterfly Message from Spirit 1:Your butterfly message is: Your angels are asking you to please love and accept yourself as much as you accept and love those around you. You always do your best to look at others in a positive light and give the benefit of the doubt. Now it is time to give yourself that same respect and remember how awesome you are. You are such a Divine Being of Light and a huge gift to the world around you! You should always remember this and watch carefully how you think and speak to yourself. Butterfly Message from Spirit 2:Your angel message is: You’ve been working too hard lately! Take some time out today to enjoy yourself! Things have been a bit stressful lately and you deserve some time off. Find joy in any little moment or beauty that surrounds you and everyday life. By simply being present in the moment and enjoying the fruits of the hard labor that you have been putting out lately, you will feel rejuvenat…