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7 Secrets You Must Know If You Are in Love With an Empath

Do you feel weighed down by the world? Does the sheer pain of existing in this fragmented whole overwhelm you? Is it like you simply cannot stop feeling! If the answer is yes, then you are an empath.
Empaths are people who absorb other people’s emotions because of their high sensitivities. They are naturally giving, spiritual and highly intuitive. Loving an empath is not easy and many people shrug away from them complaining about their overly sensitive nature, but one thing is true: they are capable of unconditional love. Their love is so intense that it can really conquer all. If you are in love with one, these secrets will help you know them better. 1. ALWAYS TAKE THEM SERIOUSLYEmpaths expect you to pay attention. They will always lend you a patient ear and understand you like no other. They want their opinions to be valued. They carry the world on their shoulders, while you may not understand this, do not joke about it. The moment you do not take them seriously, they would question the…

16 Unique Characteristics Only Empathic People Can Possess

Empaths are the kind of people who are inherently nice and have a sunny disposition. They draw people to them and make adequate efforts to understand what a person might be going through and make them feel safe, comfortable and needed. Empaths put others’ comforts over their own and are selfless. Studies suggest that they are the best friends someone can have.
Following is a list of 16 unique characteristics of Empaths: 1. SENSITIVITYEmpaths are often called too sensitive but in reality, it is not so. They just happen to be emotional people who are in touch with the emotions that they have. They don’t spend their time to hide their emotions or not feel their feelings. Negative feelings cause them to feel more stressed and tired than they are. 2. THEY HATE BEING LIED TOEmpaths are very good judges of people and look through everything. This is why they can tell when they are being lied to and that distresses them a lot. When they feel like they have been lied to or cheated on by someone on…

11 Reasons Why An Empath Makes The Best Type Of Relationship Partner

Being an empath is a task in itself. Given how the world functions, existing as an empath is no easy task. Despite all of this, when it comes to dating, an empath is probably the best choice one can make. Empaths possess the ability to sense other peoples’ feelings and emotions without them being vocal about it.
Following is a list of reasons why an empath is the best person to date: 1. UNCONDITIONAL LOVEEmpaths can’t fake emotion or feeling, so you will always have the assurance that whatever they say is true and they are never lying. They are always there to calm and soothe their partners when they are distressed and are always in touch with their tender side. 2. OPTIMISMOptimism is kind of a prerequisite for being an empath, because if they are not optimistic, empaths will not be able to function, owing to the negativity and sadness that characterises the modern world. Optimists do not require constant cheering up from external sources because they are inherently happy people and there…

Myth VS Reality Of Each Zodiac Sign

Sometimes the zodiac signs can be labelled with stereotypes that plain aren’t true. So today we thought we’d clear up some of the most common myths and misconceptions that surround each of the zodiac signs whilst also shedding some light on the actual truth behind these signs. You may be surprised as to the REAL reason that some signs act the way that they do because it’s not always what people might think!

ARIES…MYTH: THEY LOVE TO BE ANGRY AND CAUSE CONFLICT 24/7.Some people mistake Aries brazen and ‘take-no-bullshit’ approach to life as a sign that they simply love to cause fights and wreak havoc. However although, yes, Aries will stand up for themself if they are confronted the truth is that they don’t however go around ‘looking’ to start chaos. REALITY: IF YOU TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT THEY WILL SHOW YOU NOTHING BUT THE SAME.If you respect an Aries then they will not only show you respect back but will also likely be one of your most fiercely loyal allies. Aries will go out of their way…