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How to Heal Your Body According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you follow my weekly energy forecasts you have probably heard me say that we all have the 12 zodiac signs within us in some way.
This is not just on an emotional and spiritual level, but on a physical level as well. In fact, each body part or area of your body is also ruled by a particular zodiac energy. In the early days of medicine, doctors used to study dreams and the planets in order to work out how best to treat a patient. While this technique is long gone, there is still some value in understanding how astrology can help to heal you. In astrology, each zodiac sign governs a different part of the body. When this part of the body is facing illness, channelling the energy of that sign can help. HERE IS HOW YOU CAN USE EACH ASTROLOGY SIGN TO HEAL YOUR BODY:
ARIESBody: Aries rules over the head, hair and face. Energy: Aries energy is all about leadership, standing up for yourself and going after what it is that you truly desire. It also rules over the emotions of anger, self-confidence …

The Six Empathic Gifts and How to Cope with Being an Empath

As a psychic gift, empathy is the ability to spontaneously merge with the energy fields of other people, living beings, or even inanimate objects and whole ecosystems. Empaths process the energy of others through their own energetic and physical bodies. As empaths, we may have been picking up others’ “stuff” since childhood, and have most likely wondered what on earth was wrong with us.
But emotions and feelings that we thought were defining us, are not even our own. In this article, I define 6 types of psychic empathy and suggest some ways of protecting ourselves from an overload. THE SIX EMPATHIC GIFTS1) PHYSICAL EMPATHYA physical empath is someone who can experience another’s state in her own body. For example, as a Reiki practitioner, I can feel the physical issues, aches, pains, or previous trauma of my clients. Some may get strong headaches or sensations in their hands that come and go for no apparent reason when they are around others. Medical empathy, which is a type of physical …