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November Full Moon 2017: Almost-Super Beaver Moon Occults Aldebaran This Weekend!

The full Beaver Moon will light up the night sky this weekend, and just miss being a “supermoon” as it passes into the constellation Cetus on its way between Pisces and Aries.  
This full moon happens just before the moon reaches perigee, its closest distance to Earth. When the moon becomes officially full on Saturday, Nov. 4, at 1:22 a.m. EDT (0522 GMT), it will be 226,179 miles (364,004 kilometers) away from Earth. It will reach perigee on Sunday (Nov. 5) at 7:10 p.m. EDT (0010 GMT), when the moon is only 224,587 miles (361,438 kilometers) away. A supermoon is defined as a full moon that occurs when the moon is at perigee. So, if the Beaver Moon were to come just one day later, it would be a “super” Beaver Moon. In New York City,the moon will rise Friday (Nov. 3) at 5:57 p.m. local time and set the next day (Nov. 4) at 7:40 a.m., according to Since the sun will rise at 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 4 in New York City, if you are near a flat horizon (or viewing from a rooftop or a tal…

7 Untold Strengths of Highly Empathic Individuals. #5 Can Change The World!

While Empathy is a natural gift given to intuitives, research suggests that it’s a strength anyone can cultivate for the betterment of their lives and that of others. According to evolutionary biologist Frans de Waal, we are social animals evolving naturally to care for each other.
Since most people are wired for empathy, we have the ability to develop ourselves to become highly empathic. However, there are some people who are naturally developed to be highly empathetic. These individuals have 7 hidden strengths people rarely notice! 1. They have super curiosity.Highly empathic individuals are always curious and inquisitive. Curiosity is a fuel that keeps us truly interested about variety of topics, strangers we meet and their stories. Not only that, curiosity also enhances our life satisfaction and decreases the chance of loneliness. Empaths satisfy their curiosity not only by having an occasional chat with a stranger, but by connecting with others a little deeper than other people do. 2. Th…

The 10 Essential Traits of Every Empath That Can Break Them if They Remain Unmanaged!

Empaths are basically people who feel the world too much. They have a heightened empathy and a hyperperception of emotions, no matter if they are conscious of this or not. You might know someone who is absolutely drained among large crowds of people, it might be someone from your family, or even you. This is characteristic for Empaths.
In fact, there are 10 essential traits that each authentic Empath possesses but needs to learn how to manage. If they leave these traits out of their control, the world might break them! 1. They absorb other people’s energy.Authentic empaths don’t have a control on the energy they absorb. They are set to tears when someone is crying, feel the rage when someone is angry or sink low when someone is afraid. Because this is their essential trait, empaths could not help it. But once they’re aware that the emotion is not actually their own, they can step back and prevent themselves from further exhaustion. 2. They are highly intuitive.Empaths feel things on a psych…