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4 Rare Powers Every Empath Has, Whether They Know It or Not!

Being able to lock into the emotional energy of people around you can be draining and upsetting, so it is no surprise empaths, at times, view their ability to apprehend the mental and emotional state of others as a curse. This shouldn’t be the case though, as the almost psychic power to feel the emotional energy around you means empaths are equipped with skills most other people would long for and can become a powerful tool in dealing with life.
1. READING PEOPLE’S MINDSIn many ways empaths can be viewed as having psychic abilities. Most people read other’s behavior, body language, the tone of their voice in an attempt to find out what’s going on in their mind, but empaths take it further. They are able to access a world locked to most people where they can pick up psychic statements, images, smells and emotional indicators most are unaware of. Some empaths do this unwillingly and try to ignore, or shut out this knowledge, but really they should embrace this deep connection they have est…

What makes Happy each Zodiac Sign

What’s the meaning of life? We can search our entire lifetime for this answer. Yet only few claim that they have truly found it. But is this answer the same for everyone? Surely we can try anything we want to see if it truly makes us happy. But I believe that the answer is always personalised. What makes me happy may drive others nuts! What makes you happy?If you already know the answer then its clearly useless to read further. However, the list here may surprise you and give you further instructions on how to achieve a constant blissful state. Isn’t this what we truly want? Zodiac Signs and what makes them HappyHappiness and bliss is in our DNA. It is also written in our astral bodies – aura in a code similar to our genetic code. This information is coded uniquely in each human being. Reading and deciphering the hidden messages coded in our Natal Astrological Chart, can give us many details on what we truly want / need to become shiny and blissful. You should also read the Moon Sign and…

Are You A Fixed, Cardinal, Or Mutable Zodiac Sign?

In Astrology each sign is attributed a certain “quality” (could that word be any more vague?), which refers to the different ways people interact and engage with their environments. Your quality — cardinal, mutable, or fixed — affects everything from how you tackle your to-do list to how you deal with change to how you approach your social life.
Knowing what quality your sign falls under can help you better understand some of your tendencies in work, life, and relationships. There are 12 zodiac signs and 3 qualities, so it can also be fun to find out which signs share your quality (two fixed signs here!). You will often find that, for one reason or another, you have always been able to relate to people with a certain quality… QUALITY: FIXED
SIGNS: TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUSFixed signs maintain energy. The fixed quality manifests in personality as people who are very driven and solid in who they are. They tend to be a bit more predictable than the other signs and are people whom you c…