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Zodiac: This Is the Love You Will Find in 2018, as Told by Your Zodiac Sign

2018. New Year. New Dreams. New Resolutions. New Desires. New Dilemmas. New Doubts: No doubt, a new year brings a whole new bouquet of dreams and desires, but along with them also come the dilemmas and doubts, which is why it is essential to know what is in store for you, through the most scientific method of prediction known to man, called Astrology, so that you can brace yourself to face the best and the worst that you are likely to experience in any area of life in the upcoming year.

Aries(March 21st to April 19th): Your forever person. In 2018, you don’t have to worry about finding love anymore. As much as it’s hard for you to believe, you’re going to find your forever person. All your broken hearted nights and lonely days have paid off. Keep your head up and believe that this year, you’ll finally find your person. Taurus(April 20th to May 21st): Your true best friend. In 2018, you are going to find your true best friend. And this doesn’t mean you’ll find the person you will marry, bu…

4 Popular Myths and Misconceptions About Being an Empath

Thin-skinned, hyper-sensitive, sooky, wimpy, spineless, wussy, feeble, weak, fragile, melodramatic, temperamental … If you can relate to, or have been called a combination of any of these words, chances are your part of a unique group of people: the Empaths.
Occurring in an estimated 5% of the population, Empaths are known for their highly developed ability to sense the emotions and thoughts of the people around them. empaths often possess the ability to sense others on many different levels, this includes the abilities to intimately understand what a person desires, yearns for, and is currently feeling, suffering or thinking, as well as the ability to feel other people’s bodily illnesses.  These occurrences manifest themselves as energy vibrations that the finely tuned Empath can pick up on, or “tune into”. Commonly identifying as clairsentients and HSPs, Empaths possess an ability thatis both a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, the Empath is an excellent listener and counselor, knowin…