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People who like to be alone have these 6 special personality traits

Introvert and extrovert are the two major categories in terms of personalities and the way we approach them. Have you ever thought about the qualities typical for each of them respectively and whether or not is possible to be a little bit of both? This article focuses on the people who like to spend their time alone and their 6 special personality traits.
1. They’re Extremely LoyalThey are not part of any wide social circle and you certainly will not find them hanging out with large groups or lining up for any club opening. They prefer trustworthy and meaningful friendships. If you have a friend who prefers spending their time alone, you can be sure that this person will be always there for you! 2. Surprise! They’re Open to New IdeasJust because these people appreciate their quiet time doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not open-minded and open to new and exciting things. The thing is, they want to spend time alone prior engaging into a highly social activity. 3. They Have a Level Hea…