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Sexual Personality (According to Your Zodiac): No. 8 Is The Wildest!

If you are someone who ignores your horoscope you could be missing out on a lot of interesting information on yourself. You can improve just about any aspect of your life when you pay attention to your sign, even your sex life.
The more attention you pay to your sign the better. What do the stars have to say about your sexual personality? Find out below. 1. Aries Your sexual personality: As an Aries you’re the pursuer, you’re a strong sign and assertive in the bedroom. You don’t have time for playing emotional games and sexual gratification should come quickly to you. Your biggest turn on? A head massage or someone playing with your hair. Your sexually compatible signs: Leo, Libra, Gemini, Scorpio   2. Taurus Your sexual personality: A Taurus is surprisingly sensual and you need your sexual encounters to be more than a quick fumble. Not one to actively look for sex, you’ll happily wait for the right partner. The overall mood has to be right for mind-blowing sex and touch, scent and sounds p…