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There Are 4 Types Of Empaths With High Emotional Intelligence — Which Kind Are You?

Altruism, empathy and compassion are the need of the hour. Given the spate of incidents highlighting the rising cases of hate crimes, mental illnesses, inequality and a troubled political scenarios all over the globe, it becomes all the more important. Former US President Barak Obama has stated that an ‘empathy deficit’ was an even bigger concern than federal deficit. But the research sector around these vital components of human nature is still not developed enough.
Human cooperation has its base in acts of empathy that behaves as social glue, helping the process of evolution. The digital age has created a world which connects us to each other in the virtual world but we are losing touch with each other in the real one. However, this lack of research into the concept of empathy is gradually receding, especially with the discovery of ‘mirror neurons’ and development of virtual reality. When we talk of empathy, it is broadly divided into two types: 1. Affective Empathy 2. Cognitive Empathy Ap…