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12 Reasons Why Female Empaths Will Always Struggle to Find ‘The One’

Being in constant company of an empath can be extremely hard. Not all people are meant to take on this job. Those who do means they are truly ready to be with this person. Empaths are definitely amazing people. They don’t just date around and enjoy romantic flings; either you are in it for the long run or you are not.
It can be harder for them to find the right men and we are here to tell you why! 1. THEIR EMOTIONS ARE POWERFULIt often rushes beyond bounds. An Empath feels strongly. While it is beautiful, it can be too much for some people. That kind of emotional intensity needs to be controlled or it can wreck havoc on both people. 2. THEY ARE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND AND OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD There are parts of themselves that they will never let anybody see. You’re going to have to make peace with that. Or in case they do open themselves up completely, there will be parts of them you just simply won’t understand. Most human beings are not willing to put in that kind of effort or end up no…