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If You Notice Any Of These 6 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift (pay attention to #2)

Have you ever felt out of the ordinary? 
All human beings have a sense of intuition, a spiritual calling. However, the tragedy is that most fail to realize it. If you are reading this, perhaps you are part of the rare percentile who know of their gift. Note if you recognize these 6 experiences and use the following tactics to help your spiritual gift come to life: 1. YOU READ INTO YOUR DREAMS ON THE REGULARMost people start forgetting their dreams 5-10 minutes after waking up. If you can recollect your dreams vividly, you are gifted. While we sleep, our subconscious mind is more prone to receiving messages. Maintain a ‘Dream Keeper’ to keep track. Jot down details as soon as you wake up. Interpreting them may unfold a vast array of stories. 2. YOU HAVE VISIONS- AND THEY OFTEN COME TRUEThis could be both pleasing and terrifying. These visions occur in the form of ‘intrusive thoughts’. A premonition could happen at any point – during a conversation, while working, etc. For example: You are…

Know What The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Can Reveal About You

The year we were born shows a huge role in our lives. But then, the most important is the last digit of the year of our birth. Each number has a corresponding element and these are Air, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Water.The said elements can reveal a lot about a person’s personality, their customs, and a lot of other things.
Let us know what your element is and what it says about you. Now, what is the year you were you born? For example: If you were born in 1987, you will choose the number 7 and this is the element of Fire.
Those who were born under the metal element have the strength of character and resilience.
These people are liberated and fairly reserved, as they are eager to act on their own solidarity.

What Soul Contract Are You Currently Working Through? Choose One Image To Find Out!

A soul contract is an agreement between two souls who are both in agreement before either incarnate on the planet to meet each other for specific purposes.
Each one of us has many different contracts with the souls we encounter in our lives. Each challenge and blessing has a purpose for the spiritual evolution of both parties. When we take a step back and look at the bigger picture we have the potential to heal aspects of our soul, grow as a soul entity and experience personal fulfilment in our lives. To find out what soul contract theme you are currently experiencing, select the dragon that resonates the most with you.
Have noticed that you are constantly trying to get ahead and when you do have extra money in your bank account a surprise expense comes up and there goes your financial cushion? Over time, you begin to wonder if you will ever get ahead and are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The key here is to not allow your fear of not having enough…