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The 4 Zodiac Signs That Can NEVER See Themselves Getting Married

When it comes to tying the knot, then you would do well for yourself to bet on the fact that these Zodiac signs just aren’t having any of it. It takes a lot for someone to commit to another person for the entirety of their shared lives. One thing is for sure: commitment definitely isn’t for everyone. A lot of people break into cold sweats and have mini anxiety attacks at the thought of committing themselves to a single person for life. It’s a natural response. The concept of being romantically intertwined with someone for the duration of forever can be a daunting idea to deal with.
However, for some Zodiac signs, perpetual commitment is just something that is considered borderline unfathomable. It is an idea that would have never even crossed their minds had someone never brought it up.
Not to say that these 4 Zodiac signs will never manage to be lucky in love, it’s just that the idea of a long-term commitment (i.e. marriage) to another person is just out of the question. In fact, the pe…

5 Zodiac Signs That You Could Never Accuse Of Being Fake

There are just too many fake people in the world nowadays. So many people are running around with ulterior motives and hidden agendas, you never really know who you can trust anymore. There are too many of us who are exceptionally skilled at hiding our true selves, and so the world just ends up becoming a huge collection of people who are trying to act different than who they really are. It can be incredibly hard to trust people nowadays, and that’s why a lot of us have difficulty in maintaining relationships with one another. Relationships are always going to be built on some kind of trust; that’s because when you trust someone, you are affording that person the kind of respect that a dignified individual would deserve.

There are some good and honest people in this world who are genuinely worthy of your trust. Even though the world may seem to be growing faker and faker every day, these are the people who are exceptions to the rule. They are the ones who uphold the values of trust and…

These Are The 5 Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Everyone has their faults and admittedly, no one is perfect, but we’d surely all agree that it is more useful to know exactly what our personal downfalls are, in order to be able to work on them. Our expert Susan has taken an in-depth look at the 5 most sensitive signs and have given their precious advice on how to reconcile with them! Is your sign one of the most sensitive? Find out here! Sensitive signs…The most sensitive zodiac signs are CancerPisces and Scorpio. These 3 signs are hypersensitive and more often than not take things to heart. CancerPisces and Scorpio struggle to brush things off often make mountains out of molehills! Anyone would think they love the drama! Even when CancerPiscesand Scorpio make an effort to shake off their touchiness, they still take things to heart and struggle to see past things. CancerCancer is the most sensitive of the signs and when they feel attacked, they sulk like children, although they do quickly regret their actions afterwards! Advice: W…

Empaths Forgot Their Power

Empaths are persons who are so sensitive that their main mode of interaction is energy vibrations, as they are very sensitive to energy. The problem this poses is that most Empaths use their ability to manipulate others or to hide, rather than to feel and live. This is called ‘helping others’.
Reading up on what I was when I first found that there was a name for it was very discouraging. What it told me was: You are exposed and open to danger in this world. Stay safe, and get your Protection Shield on the way.
As I have been told hundreds of times before, I am Sensitive. But what is disgusting to me is that all of the blogs, online articles and forums I have visited have portrayed empathy and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) as persons who exalt their delicate emotional status and blood doll issues as if it were a mark of pride on this Earth. Of course, not all Empaths are like that, just most of them. Also, the technique I use to survive may not really work for others. The only thing I know…