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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Are Every Woman’s Nightmare

There’s always a tension between the sexes regarding the understanding of one another. Our zodiacs play a significant role in defining our personalities. This is why, males born in 3 zodiac signs are the worst in their gender; they are a nightmare for every woman. If one can identify them, one can be careful because in our busy life, it’s impossible to tolerate extra drama which plays havoc with our psychology. So, let’s learn who they are and how they add negativities to our life.
(1) Cancer (June 21- July 22):The Cancer survives on emotion. Ruled by the elementary sign of water, the Cancerian man always remains overwhelmed by emotions. He has so many emotions that he gets baffled and doesn’t know how to deal with them. Since Moon influences him the most, the phases of lunar cycle increases their internal mysteries and the emotional turmoil thereby caused go out of control. You are lucky if he is in love with you. Whatever happens, you can be sure of the fact that he would not leave yo…

5 Ways To Become A Healer and Not Just A Pain Absorbing Empath

“As empaths, we are not here to be sponges or enablers. We are here to be helpers, guides, and supporters.” ― Aletheia Luna, Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing. All human beings absorb and emit energy vibrations, knowingly or unknowingly. Rumi had addressed these centuries back, saying absorbing the energies of this world, one made it a burden; what’s important is one should rise above this world and its burden because another vision exists.We all have empathic tendencies in us. Some of us know it, some of us, don’t. This justifies the anxiousness, the agony, the confusion and the series of mixed emotions we face while talking to someone or in some gathering. Some of us have shielded ourselves from these vibrations, including our own while the energetically sensitive empaths have let themselves get affected by this world.
Being an empath comes with both positive and negative sides. The advantage of being an empath is one can detect the tr…

6 Zodiac Pairs That Have A Deeper Connection Than Anyone Else

6 Zodiac Pairs That Have A Deeper Connection Than Anyone Else
1 Libras find it best to match with ScorpioThough it might not be common knowledge, but the people belonging to both these Signs are usually shy and introverted in nature even more so when it comes to expression of love. Both tend to be a bit embarrassed about their romantically leaned thoughts. They are also exceptionally well suited because Libras have an intense passion and craving to be wanted and desired by their partners. Taurus, neatly fall into the category of those who get kind of obsessed with their lovers. Win Win. But, it does not come easily. Libra and Scorpio might take some time to adjust to each other. But once they are past the initial road bumps, it would be a really smooth ride indeed. If they can learn to move past their differences, this pairing is very highly likely to develop into true love over time. 2 Pisces and CancersThe pairing of Pisces and Cancer is also rather well suited to the both. These signs …

Things Men Absolutely Hate According To Their Zodiac Sign

The science of astrology claims that every zodiac sign has its own hints on people and these people have specific character traits. The lesser known fact is you can also find about what your man doesn’t like, based on his star sign.
Here are few things that men from each zodiac sign absolutely hate.You should Never Do These Things If You Really Care For Them!ARIES: Involving yourself in a fight with him might not be a great idea.Aries are known for having quick loss of temper. They have a quick fuse which is likely to go off in sudden situations as they are really moody. They are the most aggressive and impulsive of all signs. Hence, keep distance and stay safe. TAURUS: Do not steal from a Taurus.They have a possessive nature and get really offended when people try to snatch something that belongs to them. If he likes you as a beloved, a friend or even as a person, he might as well share, so wait for him to offer. Don’t just take his belongings without his permission. This can be in refer…

10 Reasons Why An Empath Will Be The Best Partner You Will Ever Have

In a relationship, what matters to us most is not what our partner does but what rather, who they are as human beings. In this world filled with various types of souls, when it comes to choosing our partner, an empath is the best we can have. Wondering why is it so? We have made a list of 10 reasons for this.
(1) They will never play hide-and-seek games with you:An empath will never play hide-and-seek games with you. They are always open about their emotions. They will not let you guess about their feelings. If they love you, they will tell you directly. If they are mad at you over something, you will get to know about it. There’s no room for riddles in their life and who wouldn’t want such a peaceful relationship? (2) They are extremely honest and loyal:For an empath, honesty is of primary importance. They are honest and loyal to their partners and expect the same from them. So, if you want a serious relationship, then an empath is the one for you. However, flirts should stay away beca…