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How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families

Long before my daughter was born I had a dream that I had a baby girl. She came near me and gave me a tight hug. She told me that I was her mother and also told me her name was Evelyn. This dream got imprinted in my memory and also in my heart. And, as a result, when I found out that I was pregnant, I knew it was a girl and her name would be Evelyn. Nothing can be more true than this, which means wish for a child!

Our souls visit this Earth more than once to evolve. More I have learnt about soul contracts and reincarnation I have learnt it more definitely. My thoughts as well as my beliefs naturally graduated to this notion as I grew up. People who are still undecided about reincarnation, can come and explore with me the fact that souls are born into a different body for many times. I strongly believe that when a soul decides to have another worldly incarnation, it chooses to have a life on the earth. This depends on the lessons they wish to learn here. So, they choose their set of pare…