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What You Want Versus What You Need in a Relationship: This Is What Your Zodiac Says

Aries (March 20 – April 20):What You WantYou want to show off your partner; you want them to be beautiful, to have flamboyance and the fire of passion makes you feel that you also want them to be passionate. What You Need
But all you need is someone you wouldn’t get bored of and someone who not leave you when waters are rough. A passionate partner will remain the passionate about the same thing years after years and you would never like that. A partner who will stick by your side tolerating your fire is the person you need.
Taurus ( April 20 – May 21):What You WantYour romantic self wants a partner who will never find flaws in you and is willing to change themselves completely for you. What You Need
But you must understand that mutual respect is a primary requirement in your relationship and your partner should be equally good and qualified as you are so that you wouldn’t want them to change or wish they were better than this.
Gemini (May 21 – June 21):What You WantYou expect too many thing…

This Is Why You Love The Girl You Love, According To Her Zodiac Sign

Astrology is the knowledge of the stars and how they shape our lives. How the constellations set in the sky have a great influence on us and our habits. They shape our personalities and a lot can be known about a person by knowing their zodiac sign. And wouldn’t it be great if you could know about the person you want to date.
Compatibility is a matter of personality and habits. There is no good or bad, it’s just that we are better suited to be with some people rather than the others. Knowing about the different zodiac signs and their particular traits can help you. If their stars are compatible with yours, there is a better chance for both of you to find happiness together. Listed below are the most desirable traits in a woman according to her zodiac sign AriesAries girl is an absolute bunch of rainbow and sprinkles to have around. She is an extrovert and likes having fun and she will make sure that you have fun as well.She does not believe in putting on masks or not being your absolute…

7 Things You Must Do To Be A Better Relationship Partner

Love can do wonders. Or if I say it specifically, loving the right one can do wonders. Perhaps there is no definite explanation of what a “right person” looks like. The truth is that there are going to be struggles with everyone. You just have to settle down with the one who is worth all the battles. Nobody is perfect, but love is finding perfection in something absolutely imperfect and making it work out. Here are few of the ways you can be the better one your relationship.
1-Silence your mindNo, nobody is asking you to be dumb in love. What we’re asking you to do is breathe and take love as it comes. Often we are so stuffed with all the past experiences and already set expectations that we lose out on the essence if its authenticity. It’s good to set standards and not settle down for less but just remember that it’s never going to be perfect with anyone, because if it is then probably it isn’t real. Let your heart feel whoever it wants to and just let your brain process into a conclu…