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10 Incredible Things That Will Happen To You When You Find Your Soul Place On Earth

A Soul Place is where your soul mostly feels at home. It’s a place where you feel you truly belong; a place where you feel you are strongly connected to Earth; a place where you feel energetically rejuvenated and empowered. Others may feel their Soul Place is half-way around the globe while others may feel it’s right where they are. According to the Native Americans and Australian Aborigines, we all have a place of power on this Earth. It’s a place of belonging that can help us fulfill our destiny.
1. You will feel a strong connection, a kind of familiarity as if you have been in that place before. 2. You are free to be who you are and will become more of yourself, achieving fullness and wholeness of self. 3. Things will manifest or flow with a greater sense of grace and ease in your life. 4. You will feel you truly belong as if you have finally found “home”. 5. You feel a greater sense of connection to the spirit world and to your own spirituality. 6. You feel bursts of creativity, being dir…

This is How Empaths Are Affected by Natural Disasters

It’s been a long few weeks for empaths with several catastrophic events taking place.
Empaths are people who can feel what others are feeling and the intensity of those feelings. Empaths are able to feel what it’s like being in the shoes of another person. They are unique people with a determination to understand the perspectives and struggles that other people are going through or have gone through. Hurricane Harvey hit landfall on August 25, 2017 in several parts of Texas. This was and continues to be a tragedy as hundreds of thousands of people and families who don’t know where they will be living tomorrow or the next day. The state of terror and fear victims of this catastrophic event feel day in and day out is intense and it doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon. How are they going to live? Where is their next meal coming from? Do they have their medication? These are just some of the questions many victims of Hurricane Harvey are asking. It’s anxiety-provoking for empaths. They …

Here’s 6 Signs That You Were A Witch In A Past Life

Witches have been persecuted continually over the past 2,000 years. As a result, the word witch has been given a bad name.
It was very easy to be accused as a witch in the past. You simply had to be a strange woman or man that threatened anybody and you were a called a witch. The number of witches burnt at the stake or killed in some horrible manner ranges from tens of thousands to millions according to the different sources. That means if we continually incarnate on Earth there is a good chance you were a witch at one point. How do you know if you were a witch in a past life? Here are six signs: 1. You Do Witchy Things Now If you are a psychic medium, energy healer, Tarot card reader, sorcerer, magick practitioner, herbalist or something similar, then you were a witch in a past life. The fact that you are drawn to these subjects, and not even practicing, probably means you were a witch. 2. You Are Scared of Fire Often we have fears that have no rational cause to them. When I was a little gir…

5 Psychic Empath Types… Which One Are You?

How Does Your Gift As A Psychic Empath Manifest?Being a psychic empath, essentially means you have the strong ability to feel the emotions, energy, feelings, and even mental state or thoughts of others. While being an empath has somewhat of a bad rap, as untrained or unskilled empaths can find their gift to be overwhelming or even debilitating… When embraced, honed and developed, the psychic gift of being an empath can be powerful and rewarding as it allows you to receive psychic intuitions about other people and places which can be a powerful asset for avoiding pitfalls and staying in alignment with their highest path.
Regardless of the specific focus or flavor of your empathic ability takes, being empathic is a type of clairsentience or clear feeling. Clairsentience, however, is quite broad in its scope, while empathic ability is centered around feeling the thoughts, feelings, and vibrational energy signature of others without any outside stimulus from the physical senses. There are diff…